Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy: We aim to make wines that taste good and that we would want to drink ourselves.

You might think that is easy, however, it has required and will always require a focus and dedication to our vineyard and the entire process of winemaking. We manage the farm in an organic manner, we have trained the vines to get the best out of them. We select from these vines only the best fruit and we keep our wine as pure and clean as possible.

Maria Barbara Conti, is our Agronoma – soil specialist and Enologa – winemaker. She has a wealth of experience and has been with us throughout the whole process.

In 2012, we collaborated to ‘modernise the vineyard’. By this, we mean;

  • We have chosen and planted certain grape varieties best for this climate; Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grechetto, Chardonnay, Viognier.
  • We have selected various sub-clones of each variety to bring specific aromatic or taste qualities to the wine.
  • We have planted in a specific way, so as to force the plants to perform at their best.
  • We manage the soil and the plants on an organic basis, using best practice treatments and organic boosters to assist the soil to recover and nuture.
  • We have trained and coaxed the vines to allow them the best of the sunlight, water and photochemicals they need.
  • We make a selection at the critical time in order to concentrate the flavour.
  • We pick by hand and make a final rigorous selection to ensure the grape juice is as clean and delicious as possible.





Our Cantina, built in 2016, in collaboration with geometra Brunetti – Renovating Umbria. The equipment has been built and installed by OMAC srl. It is an INOX marvel and this state-of the art- technology ensures that the wine is kept as clean clean as possible and maintained at very low temperatures in order to control and manage the fermentation process.





Our oenologist, Maria Barbara Conti, maintains overall supervision of the wine in development and together with our experienced Cantiniere, Mirko Manganello, the wine is maintained at a high quality.



At various times in the process, we meet as a team to understand in which direction the wine is developing and at this point we will make a selection of the style of wine that we like. As this is ultimately the point; we are making wines that we would want to drink.


We hope you enjoy the difference with VentiSei !