Our Story



Michiel de Boer & Larissa Wilson are a Dutch & Irish/Australian couple who met in Hong Kong.

We have lived, worked, and travelled variously in Australia, Frankfurt, Japan, Thailand, India, London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Italy. As we say, “we and our palates have travelled the world”. We chose to honour the place in which we met by naming our wines with a selection of lucky asian numbers.

We bought the farm in Orvieto, Italy in 2009 and in 2012 we began the work of modernising the vineyard, planting special vines for special wines and building our own modern cantina. In 2015 we made our first production and we are delighted with the results from such a young vineyard. We hope you will enjoy the ride alongside us as the wines only get better and better!

The name of our Cantina is VENTISEI – 26 – a number that suggests ‘double wealth’ – let’s hope that means double happiness!!