Our Labels

Our Story tells of how we met in Hong Kong and, for this reason, we hold a soft spot in our heart for all of asia. We have spent many years, working, living, travelling in asia and we have a profound respect for these various ancient cultures.

In choosing the name of our cantina; VentiSei – 26 – and in developing our range of wines and their respective labels, we have focused on an idea that is both modern and ancient. We have used numbers instead of names for our Cantina and Our Wines. We have followed the ancient asian belief in auspicious numbers and we have represented them in Our Labels in the artistic chinese writing; Calligraphy.







Our first product, Brut Spumante ZEROZERO – 00 – a number with great significance as the start of all great things!






You may notice that we have skipped One, as it is not considered auspicious in the asian order of numbers.

ZERODUE – 02 – is considered a good number, as good things come in pairs.





ZEROTRE – 03 – three sounds like ‘to live’ in chinese and it is considered significant as it is one of the three important stages in one’s life; birth, marriage, death.






We have skipped 04 as this is considered quite unlucky in the asian scheme, much like the western worlds aversion to 13 !

QUINTOROSSO – 05 – is a number widely used in the asian studies. Here we have focused on the five elemental metals. Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Tin.






Named in honour of our old farm manager Quinto Scoscia. Our very own ‘Superman’.

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Following our penchant for asian lucky numbers and the five elements theory; Wu Xing, we have used five basic metals to represent our man of steel; we have selected Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead & Tin.

These in turn are considered to be the material expression of a parent planet and it’s energy. One of them is Tin, commonly connected with Jupiter. And to bring our concept full circle, Sangiovese is an italian red grape variety that derives its name from the Latin sanguis Jovis – ‘the blood of Jupiter’. 

Made to Enjoy!!